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Cascading Style Sheets: The Designer's Edge


CSS is finally supported by all modern web browsers, empowering web designers to do what they’ve been hungering to do for years: control layout more precisely, use color more effectively, and expand typographic options beyond the frustrating limitations of the past. So where to begin? Where can you get design-focused instruction on CSS while learning the technical details?

Cascading Style Sheets: The Designer’s Edge is precisely the resource you’ve been looking for. Written by renowned web designer Molly E. Holzchlag, this book begins with an in-depth look at structured markup, both XHTML and CSS. It then explains how to use CSS to achieve specific design goals involving typography, color, layout, and more. Finally, it deconstructs a series of impressive designs, showing you how these designers used CSS to maximize their efficiency and get exactly the right effect.

Key topics you’ll learn about include:

  • Writing valid XHTML
  • Authoring effective CSS rules
  • Working with classes and Ids
  • Validating your CSS
  • Creating great typographical designs with CSS
  • Using CSS for backgrounds, borders, and color
  • Creating multiple link styles
  • Using absolute positioning
  • Working with relative positioning
  • Laying out pages using the float property
  • Creating great CSS layouts
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