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Drupal 7 Development by Example Beginner's Guide


This book is a hands-on, example-driven guide to programming Drupal websites. Discover a number of new features for Drupal 7 through practical and interesting examples while building a fully functional recipe sharing website. Learn about web content management, multi-media integration, and new features for developers in Drupal 7.

With this book you will:

  • Learn to build cutting edge websites with Drupal 7
  • Discover important concepts for HTML5 and why it's time to start building websites with HTML5, if you haven't already
  • Learn the important patterns for JavaScript and AJAX in Drupal 7
  • Realize interesting ways to integrate multi-media with Drupal 7
  • Find out how becoming more involved with the Drupal development community can help you build better websites
  • Set up a development environment, and learn to use Git and Drush
  • Uncover how much fun it can be to build websites with Drupal 7
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Drupal 7 Webform Cookbook
Drupal 7 Webform Cookbook
Consistently ranked in the top 15 of the most installed Drupal contributed modules (see http://www.drupal.org/project/usage), Webform has proven to be a must-have extension on Drupal websites the world over. There is simply no better way to rapidly create forms on our Drupal websites.

After taking an in-depth look at working
Drupal Development Tricks for Designers
Drupal Development Tricks for Designers
In the first guide, Planning and Managing Drupal Projects, we walked through the process of planning a site, figuring out the user experience, and working with content architecture. In the second, Design and Prototyping in Drupal, we started looking at how to create solid, user-centered design that works for a...
A Programmer's Guide to Drupal
A Programmer's Guide to Drupal
Welcome! This book is meant to launch you into the world of programming with the open-source web content management system known as Drupal. Hopefully, with the aid of this book, you will pass smoothly through the stage of being a novice Drupal programmer, while avoiding making the mistakes that many expert Drupal...

Drupal 8 Configuration Management
Drupal 8 Configuration Management

Make the most of Drupal 8's coolest new feature―the Configuration Management system

About This Book

  • Understand Configuration Management from a non-developer perspective
  • Achieve a faster moving configuration between environments
  • Create custom configuration inside...
Beginning Drupal 8
Beginning Drupal 8

Beginning Drupal 8 teaches you how to build, maintain, and manage Drupal 8-based web sites. The book covers what Drupal is, using Drupal when building a new web site, installing and configuring Drupal, creating and managing content, managing users, adding functionality to your web site through Drupal modules, and advanced topics on...

Drupal for Education and E-Learning - Second Edition
Drupal for Education and E-Learning - Second Edition

You don't need to be a techie to build a community-based website for your school. With this guide to Drupal you'll be able to create an online learning and sharing space for your students and colleagues, quickly and easily.


  • Create a powerful tool for communication among teachers,...
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