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F. Scott Barker's Microsoft Access 2002 Power Programming (Kaleidoscope)

F. Scott Barker's Access 2002 Power Programming gives many practical techniques for the corporate and independent developer.

The main topics covered are:

  • The Root of Power Programming;
  • Manipulating and Presenting Data;
  • Extending Access with Interoperability;
  • Adding the Professional Look and Distributing Applications;
  • Managing Databases;
  • Adding Finishing Touches.

New features of Access 2002 will be covered thoroughly, including:

  • A whole new chapter devoted to Data Pages, which is Microsoft's way of bringing the Web interface into everyday office solutions.
  • A new chapter clarifying the confusion over ADP/MDB and DAO/ADO. Including when and where to use each.
  • There are a number of new additions to VBA which developers will need good exposure to in order to take advantage of them.
  • A number of changes have been implemented in the form design with control features added.
About the Author

F. Scott Barker holds a B.S. in computer science and has worked as a database developer for more than 15 years, first with Clipper and then for the last eight years with Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, and SQL Server.

While working at Microsoft for two years, Scott was on the Microsoft Access and FoxPro teams. He now contracts with Microsoft and the Access team by developing in-house tools used throughout Microsoft. With his company, Applications Plus, Scott also does contract development for companies in the banking, medical, and insurance industries.

Scott has trained for Application Developers Training Company and others all around the United States. He is a frequent speaker at Access conferences throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Through his classes and conferences, Scott has trained thousands of developers.

Scott has written articles for Smart Access (Pinnacle), Data Based Advisor Magazine (Advisor), Access, VB, SQL Advisor (Advisor), Microsoft Office & VBA Developer (Informant Communications), and the German VBA Magazin. Scott is the author of Using Access 97, published by Que Corporation, and of Sams/Que's Access Power Programming books for Access versions 95, 97, and 2000. He has also tech edited/reviewed a number of books.

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