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Fundamentals of Audio and Video Programming for Games


Deliver console-rocking sound, music, and video effects to your games with this all-in-one toolkit for C++ game programmers. From mixing and moving sounds around a 3-D space to taking video to the third dimension, you get expert insights and performance tips direct from the developers. It’s everything you need to fuel your creativity—and take your game players to spectacular new 3-D worlds!

Discover how to:

  • Mix mono, stereo, and 3-D sound—and add special effects
  • Create reverb and other environmental sound effects
  • Stream multiple sounds, create buffers, and get tips for optimizing audio performance
  • Seamlessly render video cut scenes onto 3-D animations
  • Add textures to video and create fades, zooms, picture-in-picture, fly-ins, and more
  • Learn video mixing techniques—and write your own compositors to invent one-of-a-kind effects
  • Control hue, saturation, contrast, and brightness settings for video
  • Create AVI movies from Direct 3D animation
  • Produce professional-quality content from raw audio and video
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Advanced Linux Networking
Advanced Linux Networking

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MCAD/MCSE/MCDBA Self-Paced Training Kit: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database Design and Implementation, Second Edition (Exam 70-229)
MCAD/MCSE/MCDBA Self-Paced Training Kit: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database Design and Implementation, Second Edition (Exam 70-229)

Learn how to deliver powerful database solutions using SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition—and prepare for the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) exam—with this official Microsoft study guide. Work at your own pace through the lessons and hands-on exercises. And use the special exam-prep section and testing tool to measure what...

Microsoft Project 2003 Inside Out
Microsoft Project 2003 Inside Out

Dig into Project 2003—and discover how you can really put your project management skills to work! This supremely organized reference packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and handy workarounds in concise, fast-answer format. It’s all muscle and no fluff. Find the best and fastest ways to perform everyday...

Spring Into PHP 5
Spring Into PHP 5
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Java™ Extreme Programming Cookbook
Java™ Extreme Programming Cookbook
Brimming with over 100 "recipes" for getting down to business and actually doing XP,
the Java Extreme Programming Cookbook doesn't try to "sell" you on XP; it
succinctly documents the most important features of popular open source tools for XP
in Java-- including Ant, Junit, HttpUnit, Cactus, Tomcat, XDoclet-- and
Aspect-Oriented Analysis and Design: The Theme Approach
Aspect-Oriented Analysis and Design: The Theme Approach

"Developers who are using aspect-oriented programming will appreciate this contribution to aspect-oriented analysis and design. The authors are pioneers in this area and have elaborated on past research to produce a detailed methodology and notation for early aspects."

Ron Bodkin, Chief...

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