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Mastering SAP NetWeaver PI - Administration


As the core middleware in your system landscape, SAP NetWeaver PI plays an enterprise-critical role. But how can you ensure smooth operation? This book answers your questions. Using a highly detailed scenario as an example, the authors guide you through all administration tasks and provide useful tips for your daily work.

Basic Configuration
Learn which of the numerous parameters are relevant for the configuration of SAP NetWeaver PI and Application Server, and what the recommended settings are.

SLD and Enterprise Services Repository
Get to know the two most important tools for the administration of your system landscape: creating and managing software components, SLD bridge, service modeling and publishing, and much more.

Authorizations, Performance, and Monitoring
Master the core administration tasks: Define who is supposed to have which authorizations, ensure fast message processing, and use the options for focused monitoring.

Concrete Instructions with Numerous Screenshots
Learn step-by-step how to perform each key task. Detailed menu descriptions and various figures guide the way.

Expert Tips for Real Life
Benefit from the authors' experience with customer projects. Practice-oriented descriptions focused on practical implementation, designed to help you achieve fast results.


  • Parameterization of PI and Application Server
  • Import of Business Content
  • Configuration of the System Landscape Directory
  • Setup of Change Management Service and CTS+
  • Roles, Authorizations, and Single Sign-On
  • Performance Optimization and Monitoring
  • Working with the Enterprise Services Repository
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