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The Real Business of Web Design

The Real Business of Web Design, 9781581153163 (1581153163), Allworth Press, 2004
The Real Business of Web Design reviews how the Internet became an integral part of our culture and provides a broad framework of specific tools for improving Web initiatives in any business. The author’s analysis of information as currency, the pitfalls of acronyms, the perils of "tech-talk," and the value of abundance helps make Web design understandable and the results meaningful and sustainable. This book provides insight on numerous companies now streamlining business processes and improving communications between customers, employees, suppliers, and partners using the Web.

Key insights of The Real Business of Web Design include how to:

• Simplify and clarify Web site development through mission-driven design
• Identify and satisfy both the site visitor and business objectives
• Optimize relations between executives, designers, and programmers
• Use the Web as a real-time, interactive marketing tool
• Increase returns (economic, social, creative, and humanitarian) from any Web initiative

The Real Business of Web Design is crucial for everyone wanting to take full advantage of the Internet as a business tool.

About the Author

John Waters is a leading designer, pioneer in the use of computers for design, and veteran Web designer. Among his clients are American Express, Dow Jones, Merrill Lynch, The Wall Street Journal, and the United Nations. His work has received countless business, industry, and design awards and has been featured in numerous design and communications magazines in the U.S. and abroad. He is currently Director of Design for interactive agency Waters International, Inc., visiting instructor in the ISD Master of Arts Program at Syracuse University, and former instructor of Visual Communications at Pratt Institute. He lives with his wife and daughter in New York City.

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