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250 HTML and Web Design Secrets

Do more than you ever thought possible with HTML, the most commonly used language of the Web! Packed with insider tips, tricks, timesavers, and workarounds, this unique guide shows you how to make the most of the methods and techniques you need to make fun and exciting Web pages. From streamlining the design process to improving a site’s ranking through its dynamic content, it delivers all the secrets you need to get more done in less time, save money, and become a successful Web designer.

The Insider’s Guide to:

  • Setting up a master Web designer’s ultimate toolbox, necessary to effectively manage a site (see Chapter 1)
  • Defining the scope of a project and putting a process in place to manage it efficiently (see Chapter 2)
  • Creating and managing spectacular content–the most influential aspect of a site (see Chapter 5)
  • Crafting Web pages with HTML while discovering how to use HTML in such a way that it will make numerous other Web design aspects smoother (see Chapter 6)
  • The real story behind using XHTML–and why it’s so important (see Chapter 7)
  • Maximizing the abilities of Cascading Style Sheets to eliminate problems, improve workflow, and add visual effects (see Chapter 8)
  • Constructing exciting designs that work in a global environment (see Chapter 11)
  • Keeping content fresh and engaging so that visitors come back and spread the word (see Chapter 13)
  • Improving a site’s ranking and managing its promotions (see Chapter 14)
About the Author
In the world of Web design and development, Molly E. Holzschlag is one of the most vibrant and influential people around. With over 30 Web development book titles to her credit, Molly is also a noted columnist, speaker, and educator.
As a Steering Committee Member of the Web Standards Project (WaSP), Molly works along with a group of other dedicated Web developers and designers to promote open standards for the Web. She serves as an advisor and spokeswoman for the World Organization of Webmasters. Molly speaks regularly at conferences in addition tot teaching and developing curriculum for a number of colleges and universities, including the University of Phoenix, New School University, and Pima Community College.
Many recognize Molly from her Column “Integrated Design.” Which appeared in the much-missed Web Techniques Magazine for three years, and from sister publication Webreview.com, where Molly served as Executive Editor for a year during the best of the San Francisco dot.com era. Molly has been honored as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Women on the Web. For more information about Molly, drop by at www.molly.com/
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