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802.11 WLANs and IP Networking: Security, QoS, and Mobility

Even after all the earthly riches are enjoyed there still remains in the heart a
longing for knowledge, true knowledge. It is this longing and the desire to bring
the knowledge to others that resulted in the revelation of this book.

“How do IEEE 802.11 wireless local area networks (WLANs) work together
with the higher layer protocols, particularly with the IP layer? How does it really
work with the mobile network? What are its issues? What is the business model of
WLANs now and in the future?” were the main questions that led to the writing of
this book. These questions were unanswered in our first, edited, book titled WLAN
Systems and Wireless IP for Next Generation Communications. In this book we try
to answer these questions and elaborate on them.

In this book several draft standards are discussed which might change with
time; still the information in this book should be beneficial for understanding the
interaction between the IP and MAC layers. We hope that this book will be of
interest to business and technical managers and also to technical novices as well as
experts in this field.
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