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A Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics: How to Profit Using Pivot Points, Candlesticks & Other Indicators

Are you looking for time-tested trading techniques that professional stock index and futures traders use?

Futures and options markets can be profitable arenas for both novice and experienced traders. But to come out on top, you must have a solid understanding of the markets, the technical tools used to trade them, and yourself.

After twenty-five years as abroker, trader, and educator in the futures and options field, John Person has associated with trading legends and manysuccessful traders and witnessed firsthand their strategies for success. Out of these real-time experiences, he shares the valuable insights you will find in A Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics. Novice and experienced alike will gain a better understanding of the mechanics of the markets and methodologies that work.

Person demonstrates multiple trading methodologies using pivot point analysis and shows you how you can implement these key calculations with other methods and indicators. To understand this approach, you don’t have to abandon your knowledge of traditional technical analysis techniques. All you have to do is be open to integrating the theories to help you confirm, validate, and identify entry and exit points when trading.

By learning how to better integrate elements of market analysis such as time and price, you’ll be ready to trade with confidence and achieve success. The proven methodologies that are discussed from the technical side include:

  • Pivot points--a leading price indicator that is based on price points using different time frames
  • Cycle analysis--which deals with predicting market turning points based on time
  • Candle chart patterns--which are based on price relationships between the open, high, low, and close including past chart points such as old highs or lows
  • Fibonacci ratio corrections and extension studies--which are based on past price points
  • Mental thought processes--the last and maybe the most important aspect of trading, which will help you evaluate your psychological makeup and overcomerough spots to stay focused when trading

If you are to trade successfully, you need to understand that it requires hard work, discipline, and, above all, that you remain focused with the use of methodologies that pinpoint opportunities and help you take control of your emotions. A Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics will go a long way toward accomplishing these goals.

About the Author

JOHN L. PERSON is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor who publishes The Bottom Line Financial and Futures Newsletter, a weekly publication.John hosts his own financial radio show where he interviews some of the country’s top analysts and traders. These interviews are archived on his Web site nationalfutures.com. He is widely quoted by CBS Market Watch,Reuters, Dow Jones Newswires, Bloomberg, the BBC, Futures magazine,and appears as a guest onCNBC. He teaches these techniques atsome of the country’s leading investment expos andconducts seminars from coast to coast. He was invited by the Chicago Board of Trade to contribute his daily market commentaries, which can be found at cbot.com/dow.

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