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A Manager's Guide To PR Projects: A Practical Approach (LEA's Communication Series)

A Manager s Guide to PR Projects was conceived, gestated, and produced
out of sheer frustration. Perhaps a more academic approach to this explanation
would be to say that one university professor experienced considerable
difficulty in acquiring appropriate materials to support a pedagogical approach
involving student participation and hands-on experience. So she
wrote the book herself. But I prefer a less cluttered way of writing and speaking.

For about six years I taught, among other things, a one-semester foundation
course in public relations as a professional discipline for our first-year public
relations majors, and its follow-up course, that focused primarily on an
introduction to the strategic process of public relations planning. Although
there is a wide variety of choice in the area of introductory textbooks, and
each of them has a chapter or three on strategy, there is far less choice in the
search for materials to accompany a first course on communication and
public relations planning. There are some excellent communication planning
textbooks that provide background and theory, and I use these, but I observed
that my students were missing something.

Several years and several hundred student/client public relations plans later, I
also found myself in the position of teaching our senior-level course in public
relations management. A 4000-level course, it still lacked material of a
practical nature for student reading and application. Of course we used
James Grunig's "Excellence Study" as well as a variety of case study books
over the years, but there was still something missing. Consequently, I set
about developing the materials that would be useful for the students. A
Manager s Guide to PR Projects was the result.
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