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ABAP Basics

ABAP Basics, 9781592293698 (1592293697), SAP Press, 2010

ABAP Basics is an ideal companion on your journey towards your first working SAP applications. Whether you’re already familiar with another programming language or ABAP is your first, this introduction to ABAP provides you with comprehensive and structured basics on programming business-critical software. Get to know all relevant programming concepts and methods from scratch and implement them based on a holistic, real-life example. Procedural and object-oriented language elements (ABAP Objects) are presented with step-by-step instructions, screenshots, and tried-and-tested tips. With every chapter, this book extends the sample application so that you are able to reproduce a comprehensive ABAP application with all its details.

1. Introduction to ABAP Programming Get to know the most important ABAP statements and concepts of object orientation in order to write your first functional applications.

2. Language Requirements Learn the programming language of SAP, while understanding the connections between ABAP programming and other programs.

3. Standard Solutions Read about typical problems and their solutions, while referencing solution screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

4. Latest Updates Explore updated content, such as a new overview to SAP software and architecture, as well as updated references to terminology, source references, and programming errors.

5. Practice Scenario Use the practice scenario provided in this book to embark on a real-life programming project.


  • Object Navigator
  • Procedural Language Elements
  • Database Access
  • User Interface and Screen Input/Output
  • Object-Oriented Language Elements
  • Software Architecture and Software Design
  • SAP Programming Guidelines and Tools
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