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AD HOC NETWORKS: Technologies and Protocols

Wireless mobile networks and devices are becoming increasingly popular as
they provide users access to information and communication anytime and anywhere.
Conventional wireless mobile communications are usually supported
by a wired fixed infrastructure. A mobile device would use a single-hop wireless
radio communication to access a base-station that connects it to the wired
infrastructure. In contrast‚ ad hoc networks does not use any fixed infrastructure.
The nodes in a mobile ad hoc network intercommunicate via single-hop
and multi-hop paths in a peer-to-peer fashion. Intermediate nodes between a
pair of communicating nodes act as routers. Thus the nodes operate both as
hosts as well as routers. The nodes in the ad hoc network could be potentially
mobile‚ and so the creation of routing paths is affected by the addition and
deletion of nodes. The topology of the network may change randomly‚ rapidly‚
and unexpectedly.

Ad hoc networks are useful in many application environments and do not
need any infrastructure support. Collaborative computing and communications
in smaller areas (building organizations‚ conferences‚ etc.) can be set up using
ad hoc networking technologies. Communications in battlefields and disaster
recovery areas are other examples of application environments. Similarly communications
using a network of sensors or using floats over water are other
applications. The increasing use of collaborative applications and wireless devices
may further add to the need for and the usage of ad hoc networks.

During the last few years‚ numerous papers and reports have been published
on various issues on mobile ad hoc networks. Several tutorials and survey
reports have been also published on specific aspects of the mobile ad hoc networks.
In fact‚ conferences and symposiums that are dedicated to ad hoc networking
have emerged. However‚ a “one-stop” resource for overviewing or
summarizing the knowledge and progress on ad hoc networking technologies
is currently unavailable. Our co-edited book is primarily motivated by these
lines of thought.
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