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Ada for Software Engineers

Ada for Software Engineers, 9781848823136 (1848823134), Springer, 2009
Ada has become the language of choice for high integrity software systems, and is now used extensively in applications such as transportation, finance, aerospace and heavy industry. This book is aimed at professional software engineers making the transition to Ada, and at students using Ada for advanced undergraduate projects or graduate research. Ada for Software Engineers
  • Teaches the language as it is used in practice through case studies such as a discrete event simulation
  • Emphasizes the features supporting object-oriented and embedded systems programming introduced in Ada 95
  • Explains the terminology of the Ada Reference Manual using selected extracts and a glossary with examples
The CD-ROM contains:
  • Source code of all case-studies and quizzes
  • Ada compilers for several platforms
  • The Reference Manual in printable and hypertext formats
  • Graphical syntax charts
"I like the book very much. It is one of the most readable programming language textbooks I have seen for a long time." S. Tucker Taft, Intermetrics (Technical Director of the Ada 95 design team)

About the Author

About the Author Prof. Ben-Ari has taught Ada for 15 years to university students and professional programmers. He has published four previous textbooks, including Understanding Programming Languages (Wiley) and the widely-used Principles of Concurrent and Distributed Programming (Prentice-Hall). 
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