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ADO Programmer's Reference

ADO Programmer's Reference, 9781590593424 (1590593421), Apress, 2004

All programmers working in database technology using Microsoft development tools will find this book useful. As a reference, it is suitable for beginners and experienced programmers alike. This is a great addition and complement to any other ADO manual, and its one you’ll want to keep on the desk at all times.

This informative guide provides a complete reference to the ADO API, covering all versions up to 2.8. Code samples are concise, and emphasis is placed on ADO techniques rather than the specific environments in which it may be used. Some of the book's highlights include:

  • Coverage of related technologies, such as ADOX and ADOMD
  • Online samples in multiple languages
  • Examination of ADO performance aspects

This is the most definitive book on the subject to date, and has been the leading reference on ADO since its first release.

Please note: source code can be downloaded from the following URL:


Table of Contents

  1. What Is ADO?
  2. The ADO Object Model
  3. The Connection Object
  4. The Command Object
  5. The Recordset Object
  6. The Record Object
  7. The Stream Object
  8. Collections
  9. Remote Data Services
  10. ADOX Objects and Collections
  11. ADO Multidimensional
  12. Jet Replication Objects
  13. Data Shaping
  14. Performance
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