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Adobe Photoshop Elements 6: A Visual Introduction to Digital Photography (book with CD)

If you are an amateur or professional photographer who works with digital images and wants great results fast, this essential, easy-to-follow guide from world-renowned Adobe Photoshop Elements expert Philip Andrews is for you!

There are countless ways to use Adobes powerful Elements 6 software, and Andrews helps you with the skills to conquer them all; from turning ordinary photos into extraordinary scrapbooks, calendars, and albums to making business cards, flyers, and other promotional materials for your organization quickly and economically. Real-life examples and precise, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions will help you get up to speed with Elements 6 fast for the results you want in no time, whether your photographs are from your digital camera or scanned images from film and slides.

If its in Elements, its in this book. Andrews covers tried and true tools which have been revamped to better suit photographers needs, such as the Adjust Color Curves and Convert to Black and White features, the Brightness/Contrast feature, and a smoother workflow for the creation of photo projects such as Photo Books, Photo Collage, Online Galleries, CD/DVD Jackets, and CD/DVD Labels. He also dives into the exciting, all-new features of Elements 6 such as:

*The Quick Selection Tool
*Fantastic Photomerge technology for group shots and faces, which lets you combine the best pieces from multiple images
*Direct copy to CD/DVD to speed up your workflow when you need to copy several images to disc quickly
*The Guided Edit Workshop with interactive technique tutorials
*Smart Albums, to automatically add photos that match certain criteria to your Album
*The Refine Edge feature, which allows you to control how smooth or feathered the edges of your images appear
*A Task Pane with five different Task Modes (Organize, Fix, Create, Share and Edit) to help you manage the processing of your images

and much, much more.

Whatever your organizing, editing, creating, and sharing needs are, youll find clear-cut, no-nonsense answers in this introductory book/CD/website learning package. If you find yourself getting stuck, Philip is just a click away with over two hours of superb video tutorials on the included CD. Or, visit the books website, www.guide2elements.com, for updates and more images that you can use to practice your new skills.

Written by a photographer for photographers, this book is for those who want to know the techniques that get results and can be put into practice immediately.

*Best-selling author and world-renowned Elements expert Philip Andrews guides you through the latest and greatest features in this incredible software with easy-to-follow, precise step-by-step instructions
*Think again before you hit that delete button - beautiful, full color images show you how to rework ordinary shots into extraordinary pieces of art
*Begin practicing your new skills immediately with over TWO HOURS of superb video tutorials included on the CD

About the Author

Philip Andrews is Adobe Australia's official Photoshop and Elements Ambassador. He is an experienced photographer, author, magazine editor and online course creator. He was previously a lecturer at the Queensland School of Printing and Graphic Arts, Australia and Nescot, England. He is a beta tester for Photoshop, an alpha tester for Photoshop Elements and a Photoshop specialist demonstrator for Adobe Australia. Philip is also co-founder of photo-college.com an online photography training college. He's a regular contributor to several magazines including Shutterbug, Amateur Photographer, Australian Photography and Better Photography, he is senior contributing editor for Better Digital, columnist for What Digital Camera and Co-editor and publisher of Better Photoshop Techniques magazine.
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