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Adopting a Pet For Dummies

Adopting a Pet For Dummies, 9780764598791 (0764598791), For Dummies, 2005
Develop a loving relationship with your adopted pet

Your fun and easy guide to the challenges and rewards of adopting a pet

Thinking about adopting or rescuing an animal? This friendly guide gives you a no-nonsense introduction to the process and helps you select the right companion for you and your family. You'll see how to handle everything from feeding, health care, and housetraining to obedience, behavior issues, and special needs for older and abused animals.

Discover how to

  • Work with shelters and rescue groups
  • Navigate the procedures and paperwork
  • Find a supportive veterinarian
  • Adopt a dog, cat, bird, critter, or exotic pet
  • Help your pet adjust to its new home
About the Author

Eve Adamson
is an award-winning pet writer and the author, coauthor, or contributor to more than 40 books including Labrador Retrievers For Dummies and Dachshunds For Dummies. She is a contributing editor for Dog Fancy magazine and writes frequently for many pet publications; among them are Your Dog, Dogs USA, Puppies USA, Cat Fancy, Cats USA, Kittens USA, Veterinary Practice News, and Popular Pets, including the issues on Guinea Pigs, Rats, and many issues on dog training and behavior. She writes the “Good Grooming” column for AKC Family Dog magazine and a breed profile column and a natural dog care column for Pet Product News, and she is a member of the Dog Writer’s Association of America and the Cat Writer’s Association of America.

Eve is an active supporter of the Iowa City/Coralville Animal Adoption Center, where she adopted her terrier, Sally, in 1999. She lives with her family in Iowa City, which includes partner Ben Minkler, sons Angus and Emmett, terriers Sally and Jack, a parakeet named Snugglebunny, a dwarf hamster named Mr. Hampy, and three little fish ceremoniously dubbed Little Fishies 1, 2, and 3. You can find out more about Eve and her most recent publications at her Web site, www.eveadamson.com.
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