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Advanced Java Game Programming

Advanced Java Game Programming, 9781590591239 (1590591232), Apress, 2004

Advanced Java Game Programming teaches you how to create desktop and Internet computer games using the latest Java programming language techniques. Whereas other Java game programming books focus on introductory Java material, this book covers game programming for experienced Java developers.

David Wallace Croft, founder of the Game Developers Java Users Group (GameJUG), has assembled an open-source reusable game library—a Swing animation engine that allows developers to use these techniques and put out new games very rapidly.

The open-source game library also includes a reusable game deployment framework and a multiplayer networking library with HTTP firewall tunneling capability for applets. All of the code is open source, including the example games. The animation has been scrupulously tested and optimized in the Swing environment, and Croft clearly explains how the code works in great detail. The graphics and audio libraries used in the examples are public domain and may also be used royalty-free for creating new games.

Table of Contents

  1. Development Setup
  2. Deployment Frameworks
  3. Swing Animation
  4. Animation Library
  5. Advanced Graphics
  6. Persistent Data
  7. Game Architecture 
  8. A* Algorithm
  9. HTTP Tunneling
  10. HTTP Polling
  11. HTTP Pulling
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