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Advanced Photoshop Elements 5.0 for Digital Photographers

Once you have mastered the fundamentals, this easy-to-follow, advanced guide takes you to new levels of expertise. Advance your skills and artistry far beyond the basics with expert guidance from the top industry insider to achieve professional-level results. Find innovative ways to exploit the new features of Elements 5.0 to achieve outstanding digital images. You learn how to stretch your digital photos and Elements to their limits and master all the insider tricks, tips, and techniques that guarantee outstanding results.

Learn everything you need to know about raw files, workflow, storage, toning, speed tweaks for no cost, how to fix scanning problems, make the most of dodging and burning-in techniques, adjust images for changes in color balance, set up a color managed workflow; and more from this completely updated edition for Elements 5.0. Learn how to use new features like the Adjust Color Curves and Sharpness options, the Convert to Black and White feature, 5 click web photo galleries and the Correct Camera Distortion filter. New chapters walk you through professional retouching, a complete raw workflow for Elements users, and the new free-form layout feature - Photo Layouts, including the Artworks and Effects palette.

Superbly illustrated with hundreds of color photographs, written in Philip's trademark no-nonsense style, this must-have guide will help ensure that your digital photography stands out from the crowd as you learn how to:

* Take control of advanced image changes and apply amazing graphics capabilities
* Use scanner and camera capture techniques like the pros
* Extend your web capabilities
* Produce professional results quickly from your raw files with a complete workflow solution based around Elements.
* Explore the creative potential of the new Photo Layout feature
* Produce darkroom effects digitally
* Integrate all the power of Elements 5.0 to fit together for prize-winning results
* Transform your photographs with step-by-step, illustrated color tutorials into results that will amaze you (and your friends, family, colleagues, and customers)
* Increase your productivity with timesaving tips, workarounds, and advice to create an efficient, smooth workflow
* Master professional retouching techniques
* Create awesome panoramas
* Much, much more

Learn how to get the most from Philip Andrews, best-selling author, renowned photographer, Adobe Photoshop Elements Ambassador, professional photographer, accomplished teacher, best-selling international author, and alpha tester for Adobe.

FREE Bonus! Companion website ( www.adv-elements.com ) provides even more tools to hone your skills with

* Images for you to manipulate as you follow step-by-step book projects
* Video tutorials and printable lesson plans
* Links for examples, updates, and further learning
* Raw and 16-bits/Channel files to examine and put to the test
* And more!

Praise for previous editions of this title:

"Philip's friendly style makes learning Photoshop Elements a breeze. This book gives you everything you need to feel like a digital pro in no time at all."Richard Coencas, Photoshop Elements Quality Engineer Lead, Adobe Systems

With Philip as your guide, youll be using Elements like a pro and making great images in no time.
Nigel Atherton, Chief Editor, What Digital Camera and Better Digital Photography
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