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Advances in Mobile Radio Access Networks

This book gives a comprehensive overview of the technologies for the advances of
mobile radio access networks. The topics covered include linear transmitters,
superconducting filters and cryogenic radio frequency (RF) front head, radio over
fiber, software radio base stations, mobile terminal positioning, high speed
downlink packet access (HSDPA), multiple antenna systems such as smart
antennas and multiple input and multiple output (MIMO) systems, orthogonal
frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems, IP-based radio access networks
(RAN), autonomic networks, and ubiquitous networks. These technologies are
aimed at achieving higher data rates, greater coverage and capacity, lower
infrastructure cost, ease of operation and maintenance, higher quality of services,
and richer user experience. Some of them, such as radio over fiber, HSDPA, and
transmit diversity, will become a reality in the near future. Other technologies,
such as software radio base stations, smart antennas, multiple input and multiple
output (MIMO) systems, IP-based RAN, and autonomic networks, are still
regarded by many as research topics for the fourth generation mobile
communications networks (4G). It should be noted, however, that these promising
technologies are not of pure academic interest. Owing to their compelling
advantages, they are being studied by leading mobile network infrastructure
vendors and being employed in various field trials. Therefore, they will play major
roles in future mobile communications networks. In fact, a few of them have even
been adopted already by some local network operators around the globe.

The book is written from the viewpoint of system engineering and is focused
mainly on high-level architectural issues. While highlighting the advantages of the
advanced technologies, major theoretical and practical problems facing system
designers are also discussed. This book aims to serve mobile communications
system engineers, researchers, research and development (R&D) managers, and
telecom analysts. I strive to strike a balance between theory and implementation,
and between technology advance and economics.
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