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African American Millionaires

African American Millionaires, 9780471469285 (0471469289), Jossey-Bass, 2004
Meet the black Achievers who attained the American Dream--from the early years to modern times

"This wonderful book should be required reading for young people, who will learn how some of the nation’s most successful Black men and women became role models."
--Joyce Ladner, Ph.D.

Robert Sengstacke Abbott
Tyra Banks
Matel "Mat" Dawson Jr.
Joe L. Dudley Sr.
Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds
S. B. Fuller
Arthur George Gaston
Earl G. Graves
Earvin "Magic" Johnson
John H. Johnson
Robert L. Johnson
Quincy Jones
Shelton "Spike" Jackson Lee
William Alexander Leidesdorff
Abraham Lincoln Lewis
Reginald Francis Lewis
Annie Turnbo Malone
Bridget "Biddy" Mason
Anthony Overton
Mary Ellen Pleasant
Russell Simmons
Madame C. J. Walker
Oprah Gail Winfrey
Eldrick "Tiger" Woods
Crispus Attucks Wright

About the Author
Otha Richard Sullivan, Ed.D., a former science teacher and guidance counselor, headed Detroit’s program to infuse African American history into the public schools’ curriculum. He is currently a professor of education and psychology and the director of the ACHIEVE Mississippi Project at Alcorn State University. Dr. Sullivan is the author of two other volumes in Wiley’s Black Stars series, African American Inventors and African American Women Scientists and Inventors.

Jim Haskins, the general editor of the Black Stars series, is the author of more than one hundred books for young readers. His works include African American Entrepreneurs, which is part of the Black Stars series, and Black Eagles: African Americans in Aviation; he also collaborated with Rosa Parks on her autobiography, Rosa Parks: My Story. He has received many awards, including the Coretta Scott King Book Award and the Washington Post Children’s Book Guild Award for the body of his work.

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