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AIR Bible

AIR Bible, 9780470284681 (0470284684), John Wiley & Sons, 2008
Adobe AIR is a revolutionary technology that blurs the line between the desktop and the web. The AIR Bible will get developers up and running building simple AIR application, then take them through all aspects of the new API. The authors have a wealth of experience in building Rich Internet Applications using Flex, Flash, HTML, and Ajax. They will bring their experience to the table walking the reader through application programming topics and demystifying the techniques developers use to build the kind of complex application that readers are sure to want to build with this exciting new technology.

Breathe new life into your desktop applications with AIR

Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) lets you use scripting languages you already know and frees you from the dull parts of development—so you can focus on creating exciting and cost-saving application user interfaces using Flash, Flex, and JavaScript. Find all the tips, techniques, and best practices you need to succeed in this comprehensive reference.

  • Install AIR across Windows®, Mac®, and Linux®

  • Get up to speed on the development tools: JavaScript®, Ajax, Flash®, Flex®, and HTML

  • Learn AIR programming, development, and debugging essentials

  • Build a large-scale application and follow best practices

  • Add windows, dock icons, and dynamic icons

  • Leverage Ant to automate your build process

  • Distribute your application with polished finishing touches

Companion Web SiteThe companion Web site, www.airbible.org, contains the book's source files as well as a blog in which the authors share additional articles, updates, and resources for AIR development. The site is also a place where readers may post questions and provide the authors with feedback.

About the Author

Benjamin Gortonis a software architect for Schematic.

Ryan Tayloris a senior developer at Schematic, specializing in CG mathematics and object-oriented architecture.

Jeff Yamadais a senior developer at Red Interactive Agency and specializes in object-oriented programming, software architecture and experimental user-interface design.

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