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Always Use Protection: A Teen's Guide to Safe Computing

Dan Appleman's career is typical of someone who, unable to choose what he wants to do for a living, decides to do everything. From founding a software company (Desaware), to cofounding a publishing company (Apress), to programming, to writing books (this is his seventh), he's a Brm believer that the question 'What do you want to be when you grow up?" can't and shouldn't be answered until you're at least 80 (so he has a way to go).
Meanwhile, he's also a consultant, public speaker, and columnist, and volunteers as a youth group advisor (which is how he knows the kinds of security issues teens actually face today).

Table of Contents

  1. Gremlins in Your Machine
  2. When Software Attacks: All About Viruses
  3. From Sneaks to Slammers: How Viruses Get on Your System
  4. The Built-in Doctor: Antivirus Programs
  5. Guardians at the Gate: Firewalls
  6. Locking Up, Part 1: Software Updates
  7. Locking Up, Part 2: System and Application Configuration
  8. Backups: The Most Important Thing You'll Probably Never Do
  9. What to Do When You've Been Hit
  10. When They Think It's You, But It Isn't: Identity Theft
  11. Passwords: Your Key to the Internet
  12. The Traces You Leave Behind: What Your Machine Says About You
  13. Every Move You Make, They'll Be Watching You
  14. Chat Rooms, Public and Private
  15. Scams
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