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Anatomy of a Robot (TAB Robotics)

Anatomy of a Robot (TAB Robotics), 9780071416573 (0071416579), McGraw-Hill, 2003
This work looks under the hood of all robotic projects, stimulating teachers, students, and hobbyists to learn more about the gamut of areas associated with control systems and robotics. It offers a unique presentation in providing both theory and philosophy in a technical yet entertaining way.


Reading Anatomy of a Robot is like having a robot on the operating room table. Crack open the pages, and you'll be able to dissect a robot from head to toe--or from project management and design to motors and power systems.

Discover how robots articulate movements, how they see and hear, what gives them their power, and, at times, their gentleness. Delve into the robot's brains, and learn how experienced robot designers use control systems to make their machines think.

Much more than an enumeration of parts, Anatomy of a Robot exposes the life and human creativity behind today's robot. Always entertaining, this exceptional book takes you deep inside the theory and craft, philosophy and science of robotics. Coverage ranges from control systems and computer hardware to nuts and bolts topics such as actuators and mechanics, with plenty of humor and mathematical equations to help with the anatomy lesson.

A must for robot professionals and serious robot hobbyists, and a treat for science lovers and teachers, Anatomy of a Robot is a journey inside one of today's most exciting and fast-moving disciplines.

what makes robots work
* Sensors
* Algorithms
* Plans
* Controls
* Systems
* Quality
* Computers
* Power
* Actuators
* Project Management
* Reliability
* Artificial Intelligence
* Feedback

About the Author

Charles Bergren has an MSEE from Cornell University and has been a top-notch EE for over 30 years. He has a consulting engineering firm, http://www.bdesigncorp.com, and has served as VP of Engineering in numerous companies. He design work includes:

* Robotic Tape Libraries (Building high-speed network control processors for storage systems)
* Voice Processing Systems (For voice recognition and text-to-speech applications)
* Vision Systems (For the visual tracking of bacteria and DSP)
* Video Systems (For MPEG video compression and satellite broadcasting)
* Power Control Systems (For solar powered systems and nuclear reactor monitors)
* Communication Systems (For wireless RF and free space laser networks)


He has taught academic and technical courses from kindergarten through college. He plays lacrosse which he has also taught.
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