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Antenna Toolkit, Second Edition

Antenna Toolkit, Second Edition, 9780750649476 (075064947X), Newnes, 2001
"'It has never been easier to transmit and received radio signals than by using this book, which is aimed at beginners and advanced users alike.' Elektor Electronics"

Joe Carr has provided radio amateurs and short-wave listeners with the definitive design guide for sending and receiving radio signals with Antenna Toolkit 2nd edition.

Together with the powerful suite of CD software, the reader will have a complete solution for constructing or using an antenna bar the actual hardware! The software provides a simple Windows-based aid to carrying out the design calculations at the heart of successful antenna design. All the user needs to do is select the antenna type and set the frequency a much more fun and less error prone method than using a conventional calculator to solve formulae.

The new edition has been revised to include further cases of propagation, additional antennas and also two new chapters Small Loop Antennas (a topic of considerable interest, which has been the subject of much recent debate in the amateur radio press); and Yagi Beam Antennas (widely used at HF and VHF). The CD software has also been updated.

Joe Carr's expertise in the area of antenna design is legendary. Antenna designers, whether hobbyist or technician, can be assured they need look no further than Antenna Toolkit for the complete guide to understanding the practicalities of using and designing antennas today.

A complete solution for antenna design in one package.

Includes free CD-ROM with state of the art software for all design calculations.

The definitive guide to antenna design for radio amateurs and short-wave listeners.

This book and software toolkit will provide a complete solution bar the hardware for anyone constructing or using an antenna. The software will calculate the critical lengths and other parameters of the antennas in the book by having the user select the antenna type and set the frequency. The main menu screen is in the form of tabs, one for each chapter of the book plus other topics. Also included is a Windows freeware package, from the Voice of America organization, called VOACAP. This is an HF propagation predictor that some commercial sources have offered unmodified for hundreds of dollars.

About the Author

Joe Carr devoted his life to furthering a wider understanding of electronics and spreading his passion for radio, becoming one of the USA's best known technical authors with over 25 books and hundreds of magazine articles to his name. Newnes is proud to have published a number of his recent titles, including his last book, RF Components and Circuits.

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