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Apache Jakarta-Tomcat

Apache Jakarta-Tomcat, 9781893115361 (1893115364), Apress, 2001
When I began this text, Tomcat was at version 4.0 beta 1. It has come a long way between
beta 1 and the final release, and each release included additional functionality and improved
performance. The Tomcat team has really done a great job. They have successfully created
a product that is on par with, or above, all other Java Web application containers on the
market, whether commercial or open source.

As with any open source project, new changes were being added all of the time. In this text, I
have tried to cover the components of the Tomcat container that I thought would be most
relevant, but, as I mentioned earlier, new releases will have additional functionality. As you
progress through this text, feel free to send comments about areas that you would like to see
in future releases. My goal is to make this text the only Tomcat reference you need in your
library. That is enough from me. I hope you enjoy this book.

About Author

James Goodwill is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Virtuas Solutions, L.L.C.,
located in Denver, Colorado. He has extensive experience in designing and architecting ebusiness
applications. James authored the best-selling Java titles Developing Java Servlets
and Pure JavaServer Pages and is also a regular columnist on the Java community Web
site, http://OnJava.com.
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