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Appreneur: Secrets to Success in the App Store


You are interested in making an app. You have read all of the stories of successful developers and appreneurs. You are determined to get a piece of the pie. The world of apps is the fastest growing market in the world today, and it is here to stay. The best part is you can get in on it! Now what if I told you that without the knowledge contained in this book the odds of you making a profit are slim to none? What if I also told you that you probably wouldn’t break even? There is more to apps than most people think. The average person assumes that if they make an app, they will instantly become a millionaire. The truth is without the knowledge from years of successes and failures, you just won’t know where to begin.

Appreneur book contains tips, tricks, secrets, and stories from the top developers, appreneurs, and companies from around the globe. After reading this book, you will have the knowledge to bring your idea to life, market it, promote it, and sell it in a way that would have otherwise been impossible.

What you’ll learn

  • How to start at the bottom and rise to the top
  • How to choose the right development and platform for you
  • How to create a market for yourself instead of playing the competition
  • How to generate revenue from various app business models available
  • How to figure out what's hot versus what's not
  • How to make the most of your advertising dollars
  • What is free to pay (F2P) model and how to take advantage of it
  • How to secure your rights and later sell your rights to cash out or "hit it big"
  • How to evolve with the app stores and keep piracy to a minimum

Who this book is for

This book is for aspiring indie mobile app developers, especially those who want to build and sell apps on Apple iTunes App Store.

Table of Contents

  1. Starting at the Bottom and Rising to the Top
  2. Choosing the Right Development Option for You
  3. Don't Compete in a Market; Create it
  4. Generating Revenue from Various Business Models
  5. Managing Users for Today for Success Tomorrow
  6. What's Hot and What's Not
  7. Making the Most of your Advertising Money
  8. Plan to Scale or Your App Will Fail
  9. Life Cycles of Apps
  10. Selling The Rights and Cashing Out
  11. Keeping Piracy to a Minimum
  12. Evolving with the App Store
  13. Appendix:  Guest Chapter by Appversal
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