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Approximation Methods for Efficient Learning of Bayesian Networks: Volume 168 Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications


This publication offers and investigates efficient Monte Carlo simulation methods in order to realize a Bayesian approach to approximate learning of Bayesian networks from both complete and incomplete data. For large amounts of incomplete data when Monte Carlo methods are inefficient, approximations are implemented, such that learning remains feasible, albeit non-Bayesian. Topics discussed are; basic concepts about probabilities, graph theory and conditional independence; Bayesian network learning from data; Monte Carlo simulation techniques; and the concept of incomplete data. In order to provide a coherent treatment of matters, thereby helping the reader to gain a thorough understanding of the whole concept of learning Bayesian networks from (in)complete data, this publication combines in a clarifying way all the issues presented in the papers with previously unpublished work.

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Flash 8: The Missing Manual
Flash 8: The Missing Manual

Macromedia's Flash 8 is the world's premier program for adding animation to websites. And with the latest version, this popular program becomes more versatile, letting beginning webmasters and expert developers alike create sophisticated web content. But Flash isn't intuitive. And it doesn't come with a manual....

Microsensors, MEMS and Smart Devices
Microsensors, MEMS and Smart Devices

Microsensors and MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) are revolutionising the semiconductor industry. A microsystem or the so-called "system-on-a-chip" combines microelectronic circuitry with microsensors and microactuators. This emergent field has seen the development of applications ranging from the electronic nose and...

Management in India: Grow from an Accidental to a successful manager in the IT & knowledge industry
Management in India: Grow from an Accidental to a successful manager in the IT & knowledge industry
Reading this wonderful book by Rahul brought back early memories of my career. It was nearly 15 years ago that I became a manager, almost by accident. Back then I had always prided myself in my creativeness and technical ability. I had this wonderful opportunity working for an exciting startup in the Silicon Valley with three other code...

Domesday: The Inquest and the Book
Domesday: The Inquest and the Book
Domesday Book is the oldest and most precious of the public records, but historians still disagree on its purpose. In arguing that the writing of Domesday Book was no part of the Domesday survey, this book proposed a solution to a riddle that will change our perception of the Norman Conquest and Norman kingship.

C++ Application Development with Code::Blocks
C++ Application Development with Code::Blocks

Develop advanced applications with Code::Blocks quickly and efficiently with this concise, hands-on guide


  • Successfully install and configure Code::Blocks for C++ development
  • Perform rapid application development with Code::Blocks
  • Work with advanced C++ features...
Magnetism and Magnetic Resonance in Solids
Magnetism and Magnetic Resonance in Solids

A short introduction to magnetism and magnetic resonance

New applications in the magnetism of matter and magnetic resonance phenomena are major factors in the current technological revolution. The world market for magnetic media and recording equipment is roughly $100 billion a year, and the application of magnetic resonance

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