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ArcGIS By Example

ArcGIS By Example, 9781782175209 (1782175202), Packt Publishing, 2015

Develop three engaging ArcGIS applications to address your real-world mapping scenarios

About This Book

  • Design, build and run ArcGIS applications using ArcObjects SDK
  • Extend ArcGIS objects and use add -ins to deploy applications on top of ArcGIS
  • An example-centric practical guide to help you understand mapping scenarios with ArcGIS

Who This Book Is For

If you are an application developer and wish to enhance your skills for the GIS domain with ArcGIS, then this book is for you. Previous experience with ArcGIS is not required.

What You Will Learn

  • Use essential ArcGIS code to query geodatabases
  • Communicate with ArcGIS maps, with the help of critical designing and optimisation tips
  • Highlight and interact with objects on your map
  • Query ArcGIS geodatabases with related data to display your information on ArcGIS
  • Edit your underlying geodatabase
  • Explore strategies for the adaptation of various types of spatial analysis techniques into the GIS framework
  • Analyze tools for Geographical Information Systems and remote sensing
  • Experience ArcGIS's advanced tools for manipulation of shapefiles and geodatabases

In Detail

ArcGIS is a geographic information system (GIS) for working with maps and geographic information. It is considered the turnkey solution to creating and sharing interactive maps. ArcGIS is designed to work the way you work. With nothing to install and set up, ArcGIS helps you make your work productive from day one.

The book covers the design and development of three ArcGIS applications to guide the readers in crafting their own GIS solution as per their requirements. The book begins by giving you a refresher on the concepts of ArcGIS. Without wasting any time, you'll begin with developing your first ArcGIS application. You will be developing a cell tower analysis tool. Following this, you will be guided through mapping signal strength and real - time manoeuvring in your GIS system. You will then move on to the second application of the book: a restaurant mapping system. The application will allow tourists to browse restaurants on a map, according to their preferences. Next, you will learn how to work with reviews and ratings and also cover some of the advanced searching options offered by ArcGIS. You will then make use of advanced ArcObjects to develop your third application: an excavation planning manager. The book will conclude by teaching you how work out excavation cost calculations and also saving and retrieving your excavation designs.

Style and approach

The book offers an enhanced way of learning ArcGIS, through the design and development of three applications throughout its length. In addition to this the book also covers features that you can add to your application as you develop each one covered in the book.

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