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ASP.NET in 60 Minutes a Day

ASP.NET in 60 Minutes a Day, 9780471430230 (0471430234), John Wiley & Sons, 2003
Get up and running with ASP.NET using this innovative virtual classroom approach!

Are you ready to learn how to write clean, reusable, scalable code for Web pages using ASP.NET? Experienced trainer Glenn Johnson takes you inside his virtual classroom to provide you with seventeen one-hour lessons that recreate a typical introductory seminar on Microsoft’s scripting technology. By the end of the class, you’ll have gained the skills needed to develop stunning visual elements on your own Web pages and Web services using ASP.NET!

  • Discover the key concepts of ASP.NET and gradually progress through the .NET Framework
  • Learn how to work with Web server controls available in Visual Studio®.NET and build custom Web controls
  • Add security to your Web site as well as enhance its overall performance
  • Create custom Web controls from scratch
  • Perform data manipulation, sorting, and filtering using the DataGrid control
  • Develop ASP.NET applications using such tools as HTTP handlers and modules
  • Optimize software performance with ASP.NET caching

Join the author on the companion Web site in a training session. Follow along as he walks you through the online presentation for each chapter provided in streaming video or audio only. Source code is also available for download.

About the Author

GLENN JOHNSON is a professional trainer whose experience spans the years from COBOL and assembly language to Novell and Microsoft .NET. Formerly the Director of Information Technologies and Technical Support for Tyco International, Johnson now runs his own training business. He has developed courseware for and taught classes on ASP.NET, Visual Basic .NET, C#, and .NET internals.

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