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Atlas of Urodynamics

Atlas of Urodynamics, 9781405146258 (1405146257), John Wiley & Sons, 2007
Urodynamics is the investigation of the function of the lower urinary tract - the bladder and urethra - using physical measurements such as urine pressure and flow rate as well as clinical assessment. The assessment begins with a medical history and examination, which may for example reveal abnormalities within the lower abdomen or pelvis that are contributing to the lower urinary tract symptoms. It then proceeds to instrumental measurements which provides information about bladder capacity, urine flow rate, the frequency of passage of urine and episodes of incontinence and getting up at night to urinate. The diary can also outline other problems such as excessive fluid intake.

The focus of this lavishly illustrated volume is on unique, high quality urodynamic tracings and scans provided by urologists, neurologists, gynecologists and physiatrists. The fresh, open design features two illustrations per page with accompanying single column text. Callouts in the margins highlight "cautions" and "notes" that provide quickly retrievable information in easily understood language. This creates a practical, logically planned and user friendly reference.

Atlas of Urodynamics reviews functions and disorders of the lower urinary tract, explaining diagnostic modalities, evaluation, and treatment methods. Part I details how to set up a urodynamic laboratory and discusses simple versus complex equipment and testing, with chapters on individual urodynamic techniques. Part II illustrates common and unique findings in neurologic conditions, voiding dysfunction in women, and prostatic incontinence in men, and looks at the special problems of the pediatric and geriatric patient.

There are four new chapters in the second edition; Leak point pressure, video urodynamics, diabetes mellitus, and an appendix on good practice. The section on female urology has been completely re-organised and expanded.

There is no other atlas on this highly visual and diagrammatic subject.

The contributors represent the specialties of urology and obstetrics and gynecology. Most are from hospitals and universities in the U.S., Finland, the U.K., and the Netherlands. Institutions represented include Thomas Jefferson Univ, Cornell, University of Texas, Queen Square, Univ Hospital Maastricht, and Univ Central Hospital of Turku.

About the Author

Dr. Jerry G. Blaivas is Clinical Professor of Urology at Weill Medical College of Cornell University, Chief of Urogynecology at Lenox Hill Hospital and Medical Director of UroCenter of New York, the first truly multidisciplinary Urology-Gynecology Center in the Northeast and one of the few such centers worldwide.

He is a recognized world expert in the field of female urology, prostate problems in men, reconstructive surgery, male and female voiding dysfunction, incontinence, neurogenic bladder and urodynamics and has pioneered many of the current diagnostic and surgical procedures to correct stress incontinence, urinary fistulas, urethral diverticulum, overactive bladder and neurogenic bladder. Dr. Blaivas has been listed in Best Doctors in America and Best Doctors in New York for over a decade and has won numerous awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society for Urodynamics and Female Urology.

Finally, Dr. Blaivas is editor-in-chief of Neurourology and Urodynamics. He is on the editorial board of Contemporary Urology and on the editorial staff and reviewer for a number of other journals. He is the primary author of over 300 peer review scientific articles, abstracts and book chapters and has edited 6 books.

He is a member of numerous professional societies, including the American Association of Genitourinary Surgeons, American Urogynecologic Society, Society of Pelvic Surgeons, American Urological Association, American College of Surgeons, Society for Urodynamics and Female Urology, Society of University Urologists, Societe Internationale d'Urologie, and the International Continence Society.

Michael Chancellor
Professor, University of Pittsburgh Medical School, Department of Urology and Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Jeffrey P. Weiss
Professor of Urology, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA

Michael Verhaaren
Weill Medical College of Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA

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