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ATM Technology for Broadband Telecommunications Networks

This textbook presents all the latest information on all aspects of each important component of ATM - the hottest telecommunications technology of this decade. It demonstrates how ATM internetworks several incompatible telecommunications technologies and provide the high-speed, high bandwidth backbone network that the entire telecom industry is converging toward.

In the last few years, the Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) data transmission technique has been
promoted as the foundation for the next generation of telecommunication infrastructure worldwide.
Fueled by the tremendous expansion of Internet service as well as the strong support by the U.S.
government for development of the Information Super Highway in the U.S., a tremendous amount of
effort is being spent by the standardization organizations such as ITU-T in Europe and the ATM Forum
in the U.S. as well as by the telecommunication industry and the scientific community. As with any
other hot and trendy technology development, ATM technology is experiencing certain media hype and
being presented as the ultimate technology for the telecommunication infrastructure of the 21st century.
Our main objective in this book is to go beyond the media hype and provide the reader with a more
objective and realistic view of ATM technology, its potentials and realistic deployment strategies.

Transition to ATM technology will be an evolutionary not a revolutionary process due to the tremendous
amount of investment already poured into the current telecommunication infrastructure worldwide.
Certainly we cannot afford to switch to a fully ATM-based telecommunication environment overnight. It
is our opinion that a significant ATM-based telecommunication infrastructure will take at least a decade
to develop.
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