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AutoCAD 2002 Bible

AutoCAD 2002 Bible, 9780764536113 (0764536117), John Wiley & Sons, 2001
If AutoCAD 2002 can do it, you can do it too … Packed with practical, real-world examples and authoritative advice, the AutoCAD 2002 Bible is your complete guide to the best AutoCAD yet. Expert author Ellen Finkelstein shows you how to master every aspect of this powerful design software, from 2D drawing and plotting fundamentals to database interactions, VBA and AutoLISP programming, Internet collaboration, and more. Inside, you'll find complete coverage of AutoCAD 2002
  • Discover the latest techniques for creating high-quality drawings
  • Master precision tools for creating 2D and 3D drawings and renderings
  • Learn to use new features for manipulating blocks (symbols) and their attributes (properties)
  • Explore updated methods for getting your drawings on the Web and collaborating via the Internet
  • Control your drawings with new CAD Standards features
  • Harness the advanced database access and data-sharing features of AutoCAD
  • Customize AutoCAD to fit the way you work for maximum productivity
Loaded CD-ROM includes:
  • AutoCAD 2002 15-day trial version
  • 160+ sample drawings and support files
  • Extensive parts and symbols libraries
  • 40+ shareware/freeware software programs
www.hungryminds.com System Requirements: Pentium 450 Mhz or better, Windows 98, Me, or Win NT w/SP5 or later, 128MB RAM, 200MB free hard drive space, VGA display with 1024×768 resolution or better, and CD-ROM drive. See "About the CD-ROM" appendix for more.

About the Author
About the Author Ellen Finkelstein learned AutoCAD in Israel, where she always got to pore over the manual because she was the only one who could read it in English. After returning to the United States, she started consulting and teaching AutoCAD as well as other computer programs, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Ellen has written books on Word, PowerPoint, and Flash (Flash 5 For Dummies, published by Hungry Minds, Inc.). Her first book was AutoCAD For Dummies Quick Reference. She was a contributing author to AutoCAD 13 Secrets, also published by Hungry Minds, Inc. Previous editions of this book were AutoCAD 14 Bible, appearing in 1997, and AutoCAD 2000 Bible, which was published in 1999.
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