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Beginning Access 2007 VBA

Beginning Access 2007 VBA, 9780470046845 (0470046848), Wrox Press, 2007

If you want to take your Access databases to a more robust level of functionality, then this is the book for you. It provides the tools and techniques you'll need in order to build more sophisticated solutions. You'll find plenty of source code and fully developed sample applications to guide you along the way.

After walking through the features of Access 2007 VBA, you'll learn all about object-oriented programming and ADO. You'll then progress to advanced VBA concepts such as working with external DLLs and using automation to control external programs. And with the help of two comprehensive case studies, you'll gain hands-on experience in building real-world solutions using the concepts covered in the book.

From creating custom objects and reports programmatically to integrating Access with web services and SQL Server, this hands-on guide gets you started quickly.

What you will learn from this book

  • Techniques for using ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) to retrieve and update data
  • Steps for building reports and web content from the database
  • How to develop SQL Server solutions with Access projects
  • Tips for fine-tuning and distributing your application
  • Ways to import, link, and export data to and from external data sources
  • How to send emails programmatically from your database
  • How to create interactive forms, export data to HTML, enhance security, and much more

Who this book is for

This book is for the Access 2007 user who is just getting started in creating their own applications as well as the programmer who is new to Access development. No prior experience with VBA is required.

About the Author

Denise Gosnell is a software patent attorney and technology consultant with Gosnell & Associates, Inc., which she founded in 2005. Denise has a unique background in both technology and law, and presently uses her deep technical and legal expertise to counsel hi-tech clients on intellectual property and technical matters. Denise was recognized in February 2005 with the Indianapolis Business Journal award: “Top 40 Under 40,” which recognizes the top up-and-coming professionals under the age of 40 in the city of Indianapolis each year. She also appeared on the Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick television show in March 2005 to discuss hi-tech issues facing the business world.

Denise has over 12 years of experience in creating software applications, ranging from standalone and client-server to enterprise-wide applications. Denise has worked for leading software companies such as Microsoft and EDS, and has earned a worldwide reputation for her technology expertise. She received a bachelor of arts degree in Computer Science–Business (summa cum laude) from Anderson University, where she currently serves as an adjunct professor for the Computer Science Department. Denise obtained a doctor of jurisprudence degree from Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis.

Denise has authored and coauthored seven other software development books to date, covering topics such as database development, Access, Visual Basic .NET, and web services. Most recently, Denise authored Professional Development with Web APIs (Wiley 2005) and Beginning Access 2003 VBA (Wiley 2004). Denise was a featured technology speaker at the Microsoft European Professional Developer’s Conference in December 2001 and has on numerous occasions assisted Microsoft’s Training and Certification group in creating new exams for their MCSD and MCSE certifications.

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