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Beginning Android Wearables

Beginning Android Wearables, 9781484205181 (1484205189), Apress, 2015

Beginning Android Wearables gives you the skills you need to make effective apps for Android Wear-based smartwatches, fitness bracelets, connected home wearable controllers, and Google Glass. Delight your users by giving them access to the information they'll need at the tips of their fingers.

This book is very practical and contains many examples that not only show you how to write code for Glass and Android Wear, but also demonstrate how to apply this code in the context of an app.

What you’ll learn

  • Build notifications for handheld apps that are automatically shared with wearables, and learn to customize these notifications
  • Create apps that run directly on Android Wear devices and leverage the Android Wear SDK
  • Use the wearable UI library to build effective user interfaces for Android Wear
  • Use the wearable data layer API to share and synchronize data between a handheld device and Android Wear
  • Build custom watch faces for Android Wear
  • Build Glassware (that is, apps for Glass) using the Glass Development Kit (GDK)
  • Utilize location providers and orientation sensors to build contextually sensitive apps

Who this book is for

This book only requires basic knowledge of Android programming. Prior to this book, you should have read or are at least comfortable with Android after using Apress tutorials, Android Apps for Absolute Beginners or Beginning Android.

Table of Contents

Part I - Introduction

1. Introducing Android Wearables

Part II - Notifications

2. Reviewing Notifications for Android

3. Customizing Notifications for Wearables

Part III - Android Wear

4. Running Apps Directly on Android Wear

5. Android Wear UI Essentials

6. The Wearable Data Layer API

7. Creating Custom Watch Faces

Part IV - Google Glass

8. Running Apps Directly on Glass

9. Glass User Interface Essentials

10. Voice and Input

11. The Camera: Taking Pictures and Recording Video

Part V - Android Wear and Glass

12. Location and Orientation

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