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Beginning Arduino

Beginning Arduino, 9781430232407 (1430232404), Apress, 2010

In Beginning Arduino, you will learn all about the popular Arduino microcontroller by working your way through an amazing set of 50 cool projects. You'll progress from a complete beginner regarding Arduino programming and electronics knowledge to intermediate skills and the confidence to create your own amazing Arduino projects. Absolutely no experience in programming or electronics required!

Rather than requiring you to wade through pages of theory before you start making things, this book has a handson approach. You will dive into making projects right from the start, learning how to use various electronic components and how to program the Arduino to control or communicate with those components.

Each project is designed to build upon the knowledge learned in earlier projects and to further your knowledge in programming as well as skills with electronics. By the end of the book you will be able create your own projects confidently and with creativity.

What you’ll learn

  • Controlling LEDs
  • Displaying text and graphics on LCD displays
  • Making a line-following robot
  • Using touch screens
  • Using digital pressure sensors
  • Reading and writing data to SD cards
  • Connecting your Arduino to the Internet

Who this book is for

Electronics enthusiasts who are new to the Arduino as well as artists and hobbyists who want to learn this very popular platform for physical computing and electronic art.

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