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Beginning DevOps with Docker: Automate the deployment of your environment with the power of the Docker toolchain

It can be tough to roll out a pre-configured environment if you don't know what you're doing. We'll show you how to streamline your service options with Docker, so that you can scale in an agile and responsive manner.
Key Features
  • Learn how to structure your own Docker containers
  • Create and manage multiple configuration images
  • Understand how to scale and deploy bespoke environments
Book DescriptionMaking sure that your application runs across different systems as intended is quickly becoming a standard development requirement. With Docker, you can ensure that what you build will behave the way you expect it to, regardless of where it's deployed. By guiding you through Docker from start to finish (from installation, to the Docker Registry, all the way through to working with Docker Swarm), we'll equip you with the skills you need to migrate your workflow to Docker with complete confidence.
What you will learn
  • Learn to design and build containers for different kinds of applications
  • Create a testing environment to identify issues that may cause production deployments to fail
  • Discover how you can correctly structure and manage a multi-tier environment
  • Run, debug, and experiment with example applications in Docker containers
Who This Book Is ForThis book is ideal for developers, system architects and site reliability engineers (SREs) who wish to adopt a Docker-based workflow for consistency, speed and isolation of system resources within their applications. You'll need to be comfortable working with the command line.
Table of Contents
  1. Images and Containers
  2. Application Container Management
  3. Orchestration and Delivery
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