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Beginning F#

Beginning F#, 9781430223894 (1430223898), Apress, 2009

Functional programming is perhaps the next big wave in application development. As experienced developers know, functional programming makes its mark by allowing application builders to develop solutions to complicated programming situations cleanly and efficiently. A rich history of functional languages, including Erlang and OCaml, leads the way to F#, Microsoft's effort to bring the elegance and focus of functional programming into the world of managed code and .NET.

With Beginning F#, you have a companion that that will help you explore F# and functional programming in a .NET environment. This book is both a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of the language and an incisive guide to using F# for real-world professional development.

Reviewed by Don Syme, the chief architect of F# at Microsoft Research, Beginning F# is a great foundation for exploring functional programming and its role in the future of application development.

What you'll learn

  • Gain a deep familiarity with the tenets and advantages of functional programming.
  • Understand F#'s concise and elegant syntax.
  • Access the huge range of libraries and components that run on the .NET Framework.
  • Develop for real-world scenarios using functional programming and F#.
  • Develop realistic applications through a comprehensive tutorial-based approach.
  • Learn imperative and concurrent programming techniques within the functional programming paradigm.

Who is this book for?

F# is the future of programming (not just on .NET), and the future is now. If you are already familiar with functional programming, you'll find Beginning F# a great introduction to the language itself. If you are new to the FP arena, this book will also serve as a superb reference to FP in general and F# specifically.

About the Apress Beginning Series

The Beginning series from Apress is the right choice to get the information you need to land that crucial entry–level job. These books will teach you a standard and important technology from the ground up because they are explicitly designed to take you from “novice to professional.” You’ll start your journey by seeing what you need to know—but without needless theory and filler. You’ll build your skill set by learning how to put together real–world projects step by step. So whether your goal is your next career challenge or a new learning opportunity, the Beginning series from Apress will take you there—it is your trusted guide through unfamiliar territory!

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