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Beginning Java 7 (Beginning Apress)

Beginning Java 7 (Beginning Apress), 9781430239093 (1430239093), Apress, 2011

Welcome to Java. This chapter launches you on a tour of this technology by focusing on fundamentals. First, you receive an answer to the “What is Java?” question. If you have not previously encountered Java, the answer might surprise you. Next, you are introduced to some basic tools that will help you start developing Java programs, and to the NetBeans integrated development environment, which simplifies the development of these programs. Finally, you explore fundamental language features.

What you’ll learn

  • The entire Java language, including Java 7-specific features such as switch on string, try-with-resources, final rethrow, multicatch, and SafeVarargs
  • A huge assortment of Java 7 APIs, beginning with those APIs oriented toward the language itself, and including Java 7-specific APIs such as the Fork/Join Framework, Objects, JLayer, and NIO.2 
  • Various Java 7 tools, starting with the javac compiler and java application launcher
  • How to create user interfaces, working with web services, and a whole lot more
  • The basics of getting started with Android app development  

Who this book is for

This book targets the following groups of developers:

  • Newcomers, skilled (to some degree) in other programming languages but with no previous exposure to Java
  • Intermediate Java developers, skilled in the fundamentals of Java prior to Java 7 and looking to increase their understanding of Java 7 language/API changes
  • All developers looking beyond standard Java, who want to leverage Java 7 to create mobile apps via Android
  • Even advanced Java developers may find a few items of interest

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with Java
  2. Discovering Classes and Objects
  3. Exploring Advanced Language Features
  4. Touring Language and Utility APIs
  5. Collecting Objects
  6. Touring Additional Utility APIs
  7. Creating and Enriching Graphical User Interfaces
  8. Interacting with Filesystems
  9. Interacting with Networks and Databases
  10. Parsing, Creating, and Transforming XML Documents
  11. Working with Web Services
  12. Java 7 Meets Android
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