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Beginning Photo Retouching and Restoration Using GIMP


Beginning Photo Retouching & Restoration Using GIMP teaches the reader how to achieve professional results using this high end image editor. You'll learn how to do everything from making dull images "pop" to resurrecting badly damaged photographs deemed beyond any hope of rescue. There's no need to shell out good money month after month for the "big name" software package. GIMP 2.8 is a world-class image editor that wields almost as much power, and is completely free!

Learning the art of photo retouching and restoration is fun and rewarding. Reclaim those treasured images from the ravages of time and neglect, and pass them on to future generations. Beginning Photo Retouching & Restoration Using GIMP will provide you with a wide array of editing exercises to help you develop a high degree of proficiency. Whether you are the designated "family archivist" wanting to preserve your family history, or a professional photographer with a desire to add an extra revenue generating service, this book will be an invaluable aid.

• Shows how to acquire the best scans and digitize large photographs.

• Teaches you how to digitally repair damaged prints, correct color shifts, reclaim lost detail-even colorize black and white images.

• Offers great tips on how to maintain and preserve your newly printed restored photographs, and how to properly store originals.

What you’ll learn

• How to evaluate images and visualize the required remedial actions to take.

• How to acquire the best scans and to digitize large images.

• Adjust contrast and exposure to make dull images "pop".

• Remove cracks, creases, blemishes, and unwanted objects from images.

• How to make color corrections and to use color creatively.

• How to turn your photos into artistic and fun creations, as well as how preserve your newly restored images for future generations.

Who this book is for

Beginning Photo Retouching & Restoration Using GIMP is perfect for those who enjoy working with photographic images; either retouching recent vacation snapshots or restoring vintage photographs. It's for the photographer, genealogist, or the family archivist. Both the hobbyist and professional with a desire to attain the best from the images they work with will appreciate this book. Begin your journey now on the path to the world of digital retouching and restoration!

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Essentials

1. An Overview of GIMP 2.8

2. Digitizing Your Photos, Negatives, and Slides

Part 2: Tone, Exposure, and Color

3. Correcting Tone and Exposure

4. Color Correction and Restoration

5. Creative Use of Color

Part 3: Digital Clean Up and Repairing Damage

6. Dust, Light Scratch, and Stain Removal

7. Repairing Moderate and Heavy Damage

Part 4: Retouching Faces, Fun Projects, Preserving Your Images

8. Editing Portraits

9. Sharpening Images

10. Fun and Artistic Projects with Your Photos

11. Protecting Your Restored Images

12. Appendix

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