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Beginning Programming For Dummies

Beginning Programming For Dummies, 9780470088708 (0470088702), For Dummies, 2006

New techniques make programming easier and more fun

Discover principles and best practices that let you program in many languages

So you always thought programmers were superior beings from another galaxy? Surprise! Programming isn't all that difficult when you know how. Here's the fun and easy route to writing programs that work efficiently for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux, understanding basic programming principles, using different languages, programming for the Internet, and much more.

Discover how to

  • Write programs for multiple platforms
  • Program using BASIC and C++
  • Recognize similarities in different programming languages
  • Use Revolution, a non-traditional language
  • Fine-tune and debug programs

Anyone can learn to program a computer. Computer programming doesn’t require a high IQ or an innate proficiency in advanced mathematics. Computer programming just requires a desire to learn and the patience never to give up.

Programming is a skill like rock climbing, tap dancing, and pole vaulting. Some people are naturally better than others, but anyone can get better with regular practice. That’s why so many kids become programming wizards at such an early age. These kids aren’t necessarily brilliant; they’re just willing to put in the time to learn a new skill, and they’re not afraid of failing because they know that failure is nothing more than a part of learning.

If you ever dreamed about writing your own programs, rest assured that you can. Programming can be lots of fun, but it can also be frustrating, annoying, and time-consuming. That’s why Wiley publishes this particular book - to help you discover how to program a computer with minimum inconvenience and maximum enjoyment.

Whether you want to pick up computer programming for fun, to start a new career, or to help make your current job easier, consider this book your personal guide through the sometimes scary - and initially intimidating - world of computer programming.

Although this book won’t turn you into a programming wizard overnight, it can teach you enough about programming to help you understand how programming works, what the strengths and weaknesses of different programming languages are, and how you can get started writing programs all by yourself.

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