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Beginning SQL Server Modeling: Model-Driven Application Development in SQL Server 2008


Get ready for model-driven application development with SQL Server Modeling! This book covers Microsoft's SQL Server Modeling (formerly known under the code name "Oslo") in detail and contains the information you need to be successful with designing and implementing workflow modeling.

Beginning SQL Server Modeling will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of how to apply DSLs and other modeling components in the development of SQL Server implementations. Most importantly, after reading the book and working through the examples, you will have considerable experience using SQL Modeling components, because the book and accompanying source code take you through the steps of actually building solutions using the platform.

Beginning SQL Server Modeling is the only book that comprehensively covers .NET application development using SQL Modeling. This book explains the critical concepts of SQL Server Modeling and model-driven development that every SQL Server developer should know. The book is simple and concise, giving readers an immediate return on their investment. After learning the lessons of this book, business process analysts and developers will be prepared to use SQL modeling for model-based design, development, and implementations.

What you’ll learn

Who is this book for?

This book is tailored to analysts and developers, with extensive code samples and exercises. Managers and Business Analysts will be interested in understanding how SQL Modeling and model-driven development can reduce project development time and increase reusability of processes. Database and Software architects will be interested in understanding how to design and implement dynamic model-driven solutions. Programmers will want to quickly ramp up on the technology to include SQL Modeling in their .NET development experience.

  • About the Repositor—where the specifics of the model entities and relationships reside
  • How to use Quadrant—a visual modeling tool for creating and modifying the model
  • How to work with Intellipad—short for Intellisense Workpad, this is a text-based code editor incorporating Microsoft’s implementation of code autocompletion; it is a part of Quadrant
  • Developing with the M programming language—specifically designed for developing domain-specific languages
  • Model-driven development concepts by building a realistic sample application
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