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Beginning T-SQL

Beginning T-SQL, 9781484200476 (1484200470), Apress, 2014

Beginning T-SQL is a performance-oriented introduction to the T-SQL language underlying the Microsoft SQL Server database engine. T-SQL is essential in writing SQL statements to get data into and out of a database. T-SQL is the foundation for business logic embedded in the database in the form of stored procedures and functions. Beginning T-SQL starts you on the path to mastering T-SQL, with an emphasis on best-practices and sound coding techniques leading to excellent performance. This new edition is updated to cover the essential features of T-SQL found in SQL Server 2014, 2012, and 2008.

Beginning T-SQL begins with an introduction to databases, normalization, and to SQL Server Management Studio. Attention is given to Azure SQL Database and how to connect to remote databases in the cloud. Each subsequent chapter teaches an aspect of T-SQL, building on the skills learned in previous chapters. Exercises in most chapters provide an opportunity for the hands-on practice that leads to true learning and distinguishes the competent professional. Important techniques such as windowing functions are covered to help write fast executing queries that solve real business problems.

A stand-out feature in this book is that most chapters end with a "Thinking About Performance" section. These sections cover aspects of query performance relative to the content just presented. They'll help you avoid beginner mistakes by knowing about and thinking about performance from Day 1.

  • Imparts best practices for writing T-SQL
  • Helps you avoid common errors
  • Shows how to write scalable code for good performance

What you’ll learn

  • Grasp the fundamentals of relational theory, upon which T-SQL is based
  • Write accurate queries that are scalable and perform well
  • Combine set-based and procedural processing, obtaining the best from both worlds
  • Embed business logic in your database through stored procedures and functions
  • Simplify your work with new and advanced features, such as common table expressions and windowing functions
  • Enhance performance by knowing when to apply features such as temporary tables, and when not to

Who this book is for

Beginning T-SQL is for developers and database administrators with little to no T-SQL experience who will be writing database applications and queries against SQL Server databases.

Table of Contents

1. Getting Started

2. Exploring Database Concepts

3. Writing Simple SELECT Queries

4. Using Built-In Functions and Expressions

5. Joining Tables

6. Building on Subqueries and Unions

7. Grouping and Summarizing Data

8. Writing Window Functions

9. Advanced WHERE Clauses

10. Query Techniques

11. Manipulating Data

12. Managing Transactions

13. Learning Procedural T-SQL

14. Moving Logic to the Database

15. Working with XML

16. Working with Data Types

17. Writing Advanced Queries

18. Where to Next?

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