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Beginning Visual Web Programming in VB .NET: From Novice to Professional

Beginning Web Programming in VB .NET: From Novice to Professional will teach you the fundamentals of the web environment and how Visual Studio .NET (VS .NET) makes it accessible to VB programmers. You'll build a working website that demonstrates all the elements of a VB web application. Author Daniel Cazzulino takes a step-by-step approach to each example to explore the essential technologies and how VS .NET helps to integrate them into a highly interactive, attractive web application.

In this tutorial guide youll learn how to

  • Create dynamic web pages with ASP.NET web forms and web server controls
  • Display and manipulate data using ADO.NET and VS .NET components
  • Persist state in different ways, within the "stateless" web environment
  • Create XML files and XML schema, and use them for data transfer
  • Integrate your web applications with others through web services
  • Make your application more secure via the security features in ASP.NET and IIS
  • Eliminate bugs and unexpected failures through effective debugging and exception-handling techniques
  • Improve the performance of your application and prepare it for release
About the Author

Daniel Cazzulino (a.k.a. kzu) lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is a senior architect, developer, and cofounder of Clarius Consulting S.A.. He has coauthored several books on web development and server controls with ASP.NET, written and reviewed many articles for ASP Today and C# Today, and currently enjoys sharing his .NET and XML experiences through his blog, kzu:dotnet.

Daniel works closely with Microsoft in key projects from the Patterns and Practices group. Microsoft rewarded him as Most Valuable Professional (MVP) on XML Technologies for his contributions to the community, mainly through the XML-savvy open source project, NMatrix, that he cofounded. He also started the promising MVP.XML project with fellow XML MVP experts worldwide.

Surprisingly enough, Daniel is a lawyer who found a more exciting career as a developer and .NET/XML geek.

Victor Garcia Aprea is founder of Clarius Consulting, which provides training, consulting and development in Microsoft .NET technologies. Aprea has been involved with ASP.NET since its beginning, and he was named Microsoft MVP for ASP.NET in 2002 and 2003 (the 2004 awards aren't due yet!). Aprea has written books and articles and reviewed for numerous publishers. He is a regular speaker at Microsoft Argentina (MSDN DevDays, Ask the Experts panel, etc.) and .NET local user groups. Please read Victor's own blogs, or check out his Apress blogs. Or you may email him at vga@aspnet2.com.
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