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Best Practices in Leadership Development and Organization Change

The purpose of this best practices handbook is to provide you with all of the
most current and necessary elements and practical “how-to” advice on how
to implement a best practice change or leadership development initiative
within your organization. The handbook was created to provide you a current
twenty-first century snapshot of the world of leadership development and organizational
change today. It serves as a learning ground for organization and
social systems of all sizes and types to begin reducing resistance to change
and development through more employee and customer-centered programs that
emphasize consensus building; self-, group, organizational, and one-on-one
awareness and effective communication; clear connections to overall business
objectives; and quantifiable business results. Contributing organizations in this
book are widely recognized as among the best in organization change and leadership
development today. They provide invaluable lessons in succeeding during
crisis or growth modes and economies. As best practice organizational champions,
they share many attributes, including openness to learning and collaboration,
humility, innovation and creativity, integrity, a high regard for people’s
needs and perspectives, and a passion for change. Most of all, these are the
organizations who have invested in human capital, the most important asset
inside of organizations today. And these are the organizations that have spent
on average $500 thousand on leadership development and change, and an average
of $1 million over the course of their programs, with an average rate of
return on investment of over $2 million.
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