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Bob Miller's High School Calc for the Clueless - Honors and AP Calculus AB & BC

Student tested and approved!

If you suffer from math anxiety, then sign up for private tutoring with Bob Miller!

Do theorems, derivatives, and integrals leave your head spinning?

If so, you are like hundreds of thousands of other students who face math-especially, calculus-with fear.

Luckily, there is a cure: Bob Miller's Clueless series!

Like the teacher you always wished you had (but never thought existed), Bob Miller brings knowledge, empathy, and fun to the often-troubling subject of calculus. He breaks down the learning process in an easy, non-technical way and builds it up again using his own unique methods.

Meant to bridge the gulf between the student, the textbook, and the teacher, High School Calculus for the Clueless is packed with all the latest information you need to conquer calculus, including:

  • step-by-step explanations of limits, derivatives, and integrals
  • easy-to-grasp methods for tough topics such as asymptotes and infinite series
  • everything you need to know about logarithms
  • sure-fire techniques for solving calculus word problems

"I am always delighted when a student tells me that he or she hated math...but taking a class with me has made math understandable...even enjoyable." Now it's your turn. Sharpen your #2 pencils, and let Bob Miller show you how to never be clueless again!

About the Author

Bob Miller was a lecturer in mathematics at City College of New York for more than 30 years. He has also taught at Westfield State College and Rutgers. His principal goal is to make the study of mathematics both easier and more enjoyable for students.

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