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Bookkeeping Workbook For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance)

If you're preparing for The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers' (AIPB) bookkeeping certification test, you need an easy- to-follow test-preparation guide that gets you up to speed quickly in all of the bookkeeping basics, from setting up a company's books and recording transactions to managing employee payroll, handling government paperwork, and closing out the books. You need Bookkeeping Workbook For Dummies.

With demonstration problems, complementary examples, and multiple-choice questions you'll find in this user-friendly primer, you'll sharpen your bookkeeping skills for the real world as you increase your ability to perform well on any test. Chapter quizzes let check your progress as you go, and step-by-step answers show you where you went wrong (or right) each problem. You'll feel your confidence —and competence—growing as you learn how to:

  • Perform a wide variety of financial transactions
  • Use key concepts and skills with real-world bookkeeping problems
  • Design a bookkeeping system
  • Track day-to-day business operations
  • Keep journals for active accounts
  • Use blank working papers and spread sheets
  • Handle cash entries and develop internal controls
  • Calculate and pay employee withholding taxes
  • Depreciate assets
  • Prove out your books at year's end
  • Prepare tax returns as set up for a new year

Complete with Top Ten lists for managing cash, monitoring accounts, and finding additional helpful resources, Bookkeeping Workbook For Dummies is the test-prep guide you need to help you ace the certification test and speed your way into a successful and rewarding career.

About the Author

Lita Epstein, who earned her MBA from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, enjoys helping people develop good financial, investing and tax-planning skills.
While getting her MBA, Lita worked as a teaching assistant for the financial accounting department and ran the accounting lab. After completing her MBA, she managed finances for a small nonprofit organization and for the facilities management section of a large medical clinic.

She designs and teaches online courses on topics such as investing for retirement, getting ready for tax time and finance and investing for women. She’s written over 20 books including Reading Financial Reports For Dummies and Trading For Dummies.

Lita was the content director for a financial services Web site, MostChoice.com, and managed the Web site, Investing for Women. As a Congressional press secretary, Lita gained firsthand knowledge about how to work within and around the Federal bureaucracy, which gives her great insight into how government programs work. In the past, Lita has been a daily newspaper reporter, magazine editor, and fundraiser for the international activities of former President Jimmy Carter through The Carter Center.
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