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BPEL PM and OSB Operational Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control


In the SOA world, managing distributed services and service infrastructures is critical. Oracle Enterprise Manager - an all-encompassing management product - facilitates increased management capabilities for databases, application servers, and packaged applications. BPEL PM and OSB are two compelling, market leading products that are driving Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementation across enterprises.

There is a lack of clarity around real-world operational use cases that would help operational administrators in their day-to-day tasks. Further, the documentation available online does not provide much information on administering BPEL PM and OSB with Enterprise Manager Grid Control efficiently.

This book will help you set up the framework for managing operational tasks from a central location using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control in a step-by-step functional approach. You will learn to automate various operational tasks that are essential for the smooth running of Oracle SOA products in production, thus increasing the efficiency of your SOA projects.

This book shows how top-drawer management capabilities from Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control can be used to effectively manage your Oracle SOA environment. You start by discovering one or more BPEL and OSB components centrally. The book then explains how to monitor BPEL processes and OSB services, and how to get alerts on service availability and performance problems. It covers the management of BPEL and OSB infrastructure components and how to manage their configurations in a central repository. It follows a hands-on approach, showing you how to use an automated approach for deploying BPEL processes and OSB projects.

By the end of this book, you will have learned several techniques to set up a framework that will help you manage your SOA environment from a central location.

A step-by-step guide to using Enterprise Manager Grid Control to automate common operational tasks essential for the smooth running of Oracle SOA products such as BPEL Process Manager and Oracle Service Bus

What you will learn from this book

  • Explore BPEL Process Manager and OSB targets
  • Monitor BPEL processes, partner links, OSB proxy, and business services using a combination of server metrics and synthetic tests
  • Monitor the BPEL instances causing errors by creating SOAP tests
  • Manage the BPEL and OSB infrastructure by monitoring configuration changes
  • Manage service-level expectations around SOA services
  • Create a dashboard to monitor critical SOA services, key metrics, and SLAs
  • Deploy BPEL and OSB artifacts in an automated fashion to ensure that the deployments are conducted in an error free manner
  • Manage the configuration settings of the BPEL and OSB infrastructure, including setting baselines and comparisons
  • Clone an existing SOA Suite from one instance to another to automate the creation of a new SOA Suite environment


This book is a step-by-step tutorial on how to automate the management of BPEL Process manager, SOA Suite, and Oracle Service Bus. Each chapter has a problem-solution approach, starting with a real-world problem and then providing the solution to the problem using illustrative examples.

Who this book is written for

This book is written for BPEL and OSB administrators who deal with Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Oracle SOA Suite, or Oracle Service Bus in a production environment and who need to automate operational tasks. If you are an SOA architect or associated with SOA governance, this book will serve as an eye opener for the many available features to provide production assurance in complex SOA environments.

A general awareness of Service-Oriented Architecture is expected, as well as an awareness of Oracle SOA products such as BPEL Process Manager and Oracle Service Bus. No specific management or operational expertise is required.

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