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Building 3D Models with modo 701


Learn the art of next generation 3D content creation with step-by-step instructions from a real-world pro


  • Make a 3D model using your imagination
  • Use tricks of the light to express the mood of your scene
  • Learn how to get photo-real images out of your 3D software
  • Get the most of your final image by enhancing it with Photoshop
  • Make your workflow smooth, fast, and efficient

In Detail

Computer generated graphics (CGI) are part of the design market. CGI helps digital designers from many industries to have a clear representation of their products before they are produced. To name a few, interior designers, architectural studios, and furniture designers can implement CGI images into their workflow, saving them time and money.

"Building 3D Models with modo 701" will introduce you to the world of next generation 3D content creation in a practical manner. This will not be a software manual, but a real-world guide that will skip the unnecessary details and focus on what's needed to complete a commission from a client. It will get you the best results in minimum time.

In this book you will learn the entire process, from a preliminary design to the final art. All the stages are covered. You will be guided through modeling, creating materials, placing lights, optimizing your render, and showing it to your customer in an efficient way.

You will learn how to quickly generate shapes and recreate real-world materials present in most of scenes: wood, metals, glass; along with working with textures and learning how to apply them convincingly. Create the mood of your scene by using lights, place the camera like a photographer would do to get that nice shot, and make a good quality realistic render and show it to your client with that extra punch of production that every pro should know.

"Building 3D Models with modo 701" is not a user manual, but a step-by-step walkthrough of the real world of a 3D artist.

What you will learn from this book

  • Use the modeling tools to create your own objects
  • Mimic real-world materials in an easy way
  • Use images as textures to make more complex surfaces
  • Discover the pros and cons of the different lights used
  • Learn the use of the camera with real photographer tricks
  • Optimize your render settings
  • Enhance your image in Photoshop
  • Give your client a stunning looking image that sells itself


The book will focus on creating a sample application throughout the book, building gradually from chapter to chapter.

Who this book is written for

If you are new to the 3D world, this is the key to getting started with a modern software in the modern visualization industry. Only minimal previous knowledge is needed.

If you have some previous knowledge about 3D content creation, you will find useful tricks that will differentiate the learning experience from a typical user manual from this, a practical guide concerning the most common problems and situations and how to solve them.

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