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Building DMZs for Enterprise Networks

During the course of the last few years, it has become increasingly evident that there is
a pronounced need for protection of internal networks from the outside world. As
machine technologies have improved and extensive shifts in the functions that a user
can accomplish through more user-friendly interfaces have occurred, many more attacks
have been mounted against enterprise and nonenterprise systems. Unlike the patterns in
the past, when networks were primarily attacked and probed by “professional” attackers,
the systems you protect are now routinely scanned by individuals and groups ranging
from pre-teens “just trying it out” to organized groups of criminals seeking to abridge
your systems or utilize information that is stored within your enterprise that can give
them identities, disclose trade information, allow them access to funds, or disrupt critical
services that your organization provides.

This book is designed to be a definitive work for your use in understanding the
concepts of protection, the terminology and pieces of the demilitarized zone (DMZ)
structure, and design of the DMZ for the enterprise.A DMZ is a method of providing
segregation of networks and services that need to be provided to users, visitors, or partners
through the use of firewalls and multiple layers of filtering and control to protect
internal systems.

Along the way, the authors will provide you with the information you need to
appropriately design, implement, monitor, and maintain an efficient and useful DMZ
structure.The book contains not only the theory but the “how to” information that
you will need in order to be successful in protecting your internal networks from
attack. Information is available about different hardware and software implementations
(including Cisco PIX, Nokia, Check Point, Microsoft ISA Server, and others) that you
will find useful in planning and implementing your DMZ.
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