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Building Intelligent .NET Applications: Agents, Data Mining, Rule-Based Systems, and Speech Processing


Artificial intelligence (AI) has been in existence almost as long as computers. However, only recently have AI techniques been widely incorporated by companies to enhance

traditional business applications.

Building Intelligent .NET Applications is an introduction to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for .NET programmers. It is the first book to show professional .NET developers how to incorporate AI into their daily programming. In this accessible guide, developers will learn how to enhance both new and existing .NET applications with intelligent agents, data mining, rule-based systems, and speech processing.

The author explores four of the most popular AI technologies by building real-world sample applications that readers can use as the basis for their own applications.

Highlights include

  • Applications that talk—critical for companies seeking to automate their call centers

  • Speech-enabled mobile applications

  • Multimodal speech applications

  • Data-mining predictions, which uncover trends and patterns in large quantities of data

  • Rule-based programming for applications that can be more reactive to their environments

  • Multiple software agents that are able to keep remote users up to date

  • Sample applications for Windows and the Web

With Building Intelligent .NET Applications, developers will learn the basic technologies of AI needed to create practical, time-saving enterprise applications.

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